We began as a team of design-crusaders who spent decades creating customer living spaces for design-obsessed clients. Over the years, we’ve watched trends come and go, and flooring choices succeed and fail. We’ve vetted countless materials and helped endless clients navigate the challenging process of selecting and designing floors. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t—and we understand that traditional floors, like wood and tile, are difficult to install, manage and maintain. That’s why we made it our mission to reimagine how floors are built, bought and sold by creating Hewn, a flooring innovation company, and the better way to floor.

Hewn’s revolutionary Stoneform™ floors are crafted largely from stone and built to capture the dimension, texture and feel of traditional flooring—without the upkeep, risk, or cost. Nearly indistinguishable from hardwood and tile, Stoneform™ is as elegant and breathtaking as it is resilient, waterproof, and eco-friendly.

Our direct-to-your-doorstep model is guided by a curated shopping experience and powered by digital design tools, in-home trials, and uncomplicated tutorials. We’ve also made installation more effortless than ever with a patented, Position-and-Lock system that’s perfect for every project—be it do-it-yourself or do-it-for-me.

Built for real life, and by design, Hewn is the better way to floor for those who care as much about form as they do about function.


Make breathtaking and resilient flooring available to all through an unwavering commitment to better. Better design, a better experience, better results, better performance, and better than traditional flooring for an effortless, enduring, and artisanal look you’ll love—and the better way to floor.

SPEAKING OF BETTER,  we deliver...


We believe that flooring should be not only beautiful but also resilient, waterproof, sustainable, and built for real life. We believe in creating better floors whose only discernible distinction from their traditional counterparts is less worry, maintenance, expense, frustration and doubt.


We believe that anyone can and should be able to install our floors. Our innovative and engaging digital tutorials and patented Position-and-Lock system make Stoneform™ floors as fail-proof as they are beautiful.


We believe that the size of your spend shouldn’t dictate the quality of your floors and that staying within budget shouldn’t mean compromise. We believe that you should get the look and durability you want; how you want it-without having to leave home, seek additional advice or assistance, or break the bank.


We believe in putting our customers first-eliminating the middleman and selling direct with an expertly curated selection, innovative digital design tools, in-home trials and direct-to-your-door deliver.


We believe that flooring should exceed expectations and stand up for real life. That means maintaining its good looks and integrity despite spills, scratches, wear, tear, and everyday living-for floors you’ll love as much in ten years as you did when you installed them.


We believe in challenging the status quo, not disrupting it. We believe if you want to work with a designer, hire someone to help, shop in a store, or select traditional flooring-that’s entirely up to you. As a challenger brand, we question how flooring is manufactured, bought, sold, installed, and maintained. We also work to make the process less complicated, confusing and costly.