Stoneform Basics

Stoneform is a next generation composite flooring. Stoneform is comprised of nearly 70% limestone and 30% virgin pvc. Stoneform is an ultra stable and durable choice for flooring. It provides all the benefits of natural wood and stone flooring without all the upkeep and hassle.

Stoneform is made in China. Our factory partners have unparalleled production quality. In our experience no where else in the world can this quality and production be duplicated.

In general, overall core thickness of Stoneform is superior to many other types of flooring. Our select products offer 4MM core thickness plus a 1.5MM IXPE attached back padding and our Premium and Elite products offer 5MM core thickness plus a 1.5MM IXPE attached back padding. This is the biggest factor in the true cost of manufacturing. Many flooring companies cut corners by making their products thinner to save cost. This ultimately leads to flooring stability and durability failures. We are so confident in our specifications that we offer a 20 year residential true structural warranty with our Stoneform products.

We use a 1.5MM IXPE underlayment. Our underlayment is made of cutting edge Irradicated Cross-linked Polyethelene, the newest advance in foam technology. IXPE is a closed cell foam that is 100% waterproof, impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria. IXPE is an excellent insulator and has an excellent IIC sound absorption rating of 60. This all helps Stoneform feel warm underfoot as well as dampens sound.

Stoneform is Floor Score certified from SGS Global which is guaranteed to not off gas any harmful VOC’s and passes all Floor Score requirements for indoor air quality.

Stoneform comes Floor Score certified from SGS Global Institute. You can read about Floor Score from this link:

Stoneform Select products come with a 20 year residential warranty. Stoneform Premium products come with a 20 year residential warranty as well as a 10 year light commercial warranty. Stoneform Elite products come with a 20 year residential warranty as well as a 10 year medium commercial warranty. Our warranty covers the structure of the flooring. Stoneform is guaranteed to never crack, delaminate, separate, or warp. Our warranty covers full replacement including shipping of replacement product. What is not covered is original labor cost or replacement labor cost. Scratches due to negligence or poor maintenance. Stoneform is also not covered in the case of flooding or concrete slab moisture originating from underneath the flooring.

Wear layer is the top surface of Stoneform that helps prevent scratches, dents, and wear and tear from reaching the core of the flooring. Wear layers are available in Stoneform on our Select product 12 Mils or .3MM thickness, on our Premium product at 20 Mils or .5MM thickness, and on our Elite product at 30Mils or .75MM thickness. The thicker the wear layer the better flooring is built to withstand wear and tear. Our Select product is rated for only residential use whereas our Elite product is rated for both commercial and residential use. Our proprietary wear layer is comprised of ceramic bead infused urethane to make it even more durable than other floors.

Stoneform is completely safe. The core is comprised of approximately 70% limestone and 30% virgin vinyl. Our floors are SGS Global Floor Score certified to not off gas or present any VOC’s or harmful chemicals.

The Stoneform core is formed of approximately 70% pure limestone and 30% virgin non-recycled vinyl. Our special formulation is guaranteed to hold its shape and structure. It will never warp, crack, or separate. Our wear layer is comprised of UV cured urethane with an added level of aluminum oxide to make it more scratch resistant. Finally, our attached back padding is IXPE foam padding, 1.5MM in thickness for a sound reducing and cushioning feel.

Stoneform comes in two varieties of edges. Our Select product comes with a microbevel pressed edge. This is meant to replicate the look of engineered wood flooring. The microbevel edging helps to distinguish between planks placed together. Our Premium and Elite products come with an enhanced bevel painted edge V-groove. This is meant to mimic chamfered edge hardwood products with even more obvious distinguishing between individual planks.

ASTM E492-09 Impact Sound Conduction IIC 57

Stoneform is designed to look and feel like traditional hardwood floors. To the touch, Stoneform is remarkably similar to hardwood. Stoneform will not crack like traditional tile floors do.​

Stoneform Installation

Stoneform is a click together type installation. This requires at least one side of the room to have baseboards removed and reinstalled.

When installing Stoneform with existing door jambs, all jambs should be undercut with an undercut or oscillating saw. See our link to the video for instructions. 

Stoneform can be installed over permanently fasted floors like ceramic tile or glue down vinyl. Stoneform cannot be installed over floating surfaces like laminate flooring or carpet. For installation over existing ceramic tile, the grout joints must be filled in if they are deeper than 1/16 of an inch.

Stoneform flooring has 5 transitions available including flush stair nose, quarter round, end cap, t-mold, and reducer. Each of these is designed to cover a specific type of transition. Check out the product details on our trims to know which one will work best.

Stoneform flooring requires the following tools: razor blade knife, rubber mallet, tape, measure, tapping block. Although Stoneform can be installed using a score and snap method, the installation can be easier and faster with a chop saw, oscillating saw, circular saw, or jig saw.

Using our flush stair nose transition, Stoneform can be installed on stairs. This is the only case where Stoneform needs to be adhered to the existing surface using 100% clear silicone.

Yes, Stoneform should be installed between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important that the area being installed is at this temperature range indefinitely. Stoneform flooring needs to be staged in the area it is going to be installed for no less than 48 hours prior to installation.

Suitable subfloors should be flat. Stoneform should not be installed over any subfloor that has more than 3/16” variance in any 8 foot area. Subfloors should be free of any loose debris and should be thoroughly vacuum cleaned prior to installation. If Stoneform is installed on a subfloor that is not flat, it could result in tapping or a hollow sound when stepped on.

No, Stoneform can only be installed in areas that will routinely stay between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Typically Stoneform does not need a moisture barrier. However, installation over concrete slabs are required to be fully cured. Stoneform is waterproof and does not allow for evaporation between plank joints. If moisture residue from an uncured concrete slab occurs Stoneform will hold the moisture between it and the concrete which typically leads to moisture and mold releasing into the surrounding walls. If concrete slab moisture is a concern it should be mitigated with the use of a 6mils plastic moisture barrier or a fluid applied moisture mitigation membrane. In rare cases, moisture from the concrete trapped for a long period of time can cause warping along the edges of the Stoneform planks and will not be covered by warranty. When in doubt use a moisture barrier over concrete subfloors.

No, Stoneform is a floating floor that needs the ability to expand and contract with temperature changes. Pinning the flooring under cabinetry prevents the needed mobility. The Stoneform should be installed around the cabinetry and a toe kick skin, shoe mold, or our quarter round can be used as a transition around the cabinet to cover the expansion gap.

Yes, Stoneform is a great option to be installed on top of of radiant heating, especially if you need a flooring that is waterproof! Be sure to keep the radiant floor heat under 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You don't want the heat too high, as you could compromise the integrity of the flooring.

Not typically. Stoneform is a floating floor product which is susceptible to expansion when exposed to high heat that a traditional fireplace emits. It is generally a good idea to use a material like a stone or tile hearth between the fireplace and Stoneform. Many modern fireplaces do not emit heat downward. In this case, Stoneform has been successfully used adjacent to a fireplace with no issues.

 Finding an installer is easy! Stoneform is a floating, click-together flooring option. You can use thumbtack at and search "flooring installers" in your zip code. Hewn is not affiliated with Thumbtack or any other installer.

Stoneform Maintenance

Typically, we recommend plain water and a damp microfiber mop to clean our floors. If a cleaner is used, we recommend Bona Hard Surface Floor cleaner ( It is important that only a pH neutral cleaner is used on Stoneform. Using cleaners that are not pH neutral result in an unwanted residue that attracts dirt and dust and causes a haze on the finish of Stoneform.

Stoneform is highly scratch resistant but not scratch proof. All furniture that comes in direct contact with Stoneform should have felt sliders between the furniture legs and the flooring. Care should be maintained to not slide furniture across a Stoneform floor. Regular cleaning can also extend the life of the floor.

Stoneform should be regularly cleaned and maintained. Use a damp microfiber mop or rag to clean Stoneform. If a cleaner is used, we recommend Bona Hard Surface Floor Cleaner ( It is important that only a PH neutral cleaner is used on Stoneform. Using cleaners that are not PH neutral result in an unwanted residue that attracts dirt and dust and causes a haze on the finish of Stoneform. Stoneform is highly scratch resistant but not scratch proof. All furniture that comes in direct contact with Stoneform should have felt sliders between the furniture legs and the flooring. Care should be maintained to not slide furniture across a Stoneform floor. Regular cleaning can also extend the life of the floor.

Video coming soon. Contact our Customer Service team for any pressing questions.

Yes! Stoneform is waterproof. Stoneform's unique locking mechanism between planks does not allow moisture to penetrate through the floor.

Ordering Stoneform

Yes! We offer a quick, easy, and affordable sample selection of either a 12” cut plank or a full plank ranging from 48”-72” long. You can place your order on the Hewn website. Samples are typically sent same day via FedEx for speedy arrival.

After an order is placed you will receive an email from Hewn with tracking information for your order. Go ahead and click on the link to see tracking updates and expected delivery.

We offer a no questions asked, 30-day return policy. Give us a call between 8am-5pm MST and we will schedule a pick up. Refunds are processed once the product is received in our warehouse. The refund price is 100% of the initial cost minus the true cost of shipping to and from your shipping destination.

Typically, Stoneform requires a 7-10% waste factor for installation. Measure your total square footage and multiply by 7-10%, then add that amount to your order. Smaller orders typically require higher waste factors. Large open rooms will not need as high of a waste factor. Rooms with angles, curves, or lots of corners will require higher waste factors.

Yes, current tax laws require us to charge sales tax based on the shipping destination's current sales tax rate.

Yes, having an extra box or two after installation is complete can be handy. Extra Stoneform can be used to extend current areas or replace planks that have been damaged.

At checkout, customers have the option of using a credit card or PayPal account. Financing is available with the PayPal option, but a PayPal account is needed. PayPal offers "Afterpay" which allows users to customize their financing option. The "buy now, pay later" function through PayPal allows you to make four payments or set up monthly options. More information can be found here: 

Shipping Stoneform

Our shipping program is easy and affordable. We offer three shipping rates. For orders 600 square feet or larger, shipping is always free. For orders 50 square feet to 599 square feet, shipping is a flat rate $199. For orders 49 square feet or less, shipping is a flat rate $99.

Depending on where you live, shipping can take between 3-10 days. We currently ship from the intermountain west and the pacific north west. We do our best to make sure the product leaves our warehouse within 24 hours of a placed order. Look for an email once your order is placed with tracking information and estimated time of arrival.

Currently we ship to the lower 48 United States.